We will send you a Brand-New Sparnod Fitness Massage-Chair,
after discussing with you, your budget and all the things you may be looking for in a massage-chair.

We will help you make a choice from all our options.

And then we will send the same to your place, at zero cost to you!
So that you can:

  • Get the feel, first-hand, of the chair
  • Have all members of your family also try it

    Warning: You may encounter arguments about who will next use it and for how much time!
  • Explore all its features

And only after you are satisfied and want to keep it, do you pay us!

If not, we just take it back with a smile!!

So click-to-call +971505605766 to book your FREE HOME DEMO or fill in the form below and we will call you immediately.

Here are some facts that will make you even more confident about Sparnod Fitness:

American brand of world repute

Wide variety 3D/4D Massage-Chairs to choose from - prices from Rs. 1.55 To 4.02 lakhs

Free home-delivery and installation

Onsite repair and maintenance within 24 hours from your call

3 years’ warranty – best in the industry.


“Of course”, we are sure, you’ll say.

But honestly, there’s nothing like experiencing the massage-chair yourself.

So go ahead and click-to-call +971505605766 to book your FREE HOME DEMO or fill in the form and we will call you immediately: